RX, Revealing the Design of EXEED’s Most Futuristic Model,


Language of "Art of Luminism"
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; June 2023: Leaving all attendees speechless with its details, 2023, EXEED’s RX held a test drive event, focused on global dealers and media personalities in Wuhu. It is worth noting that the RX, designed by Steve Eum won the gold medal at the 2022 International Design Awards (IDA) in Los Angeles, becoming the first Chinese high-end automobile to receive this honor since the inception of the award.
EXEED RX adopts a new design language influenced from the art of luminism, making for a beautiful and soothing visual appearance that perfectly balances elements of lights and shadows that make for an exquisite aesthetic. This design concept is visible throughout the exterior of the car, making the RX ahead of its time yet visually calming.
As far as the appearance is concerned, the front of RX is designed with a borderless and levitating, matrix-styled front grille and X-shaped star track Daytime Running Lights (DRL). Specifically, the modernistic and sleek LED headlights on both sides, which are combined with the Daytime Running Lights to form the symbolic shape of the Greek letter "Σ". The ultra-modern front grille, when combined with the headlights unit, come together to highlight the futuristic sense of the front of RX, and satisfies the aesthetic appetite of the global elite car-loving youth.
Highly separated from a traditional SUV from the side-view, the RX has been precisely designed to deliver a sense of tranquility with a smooth and flowing silhouette. Particularly, adopting the extreme and mean ratio of 0.618, more famously known as the magnificent “Golden Ratio”, a design principle commonly found in Leonardo Da Vinci’s artworks and many historic architectural wonders. Furthermore, the design from the front to the back of the car reflects a bubble-canopy outline giving it the appearance of a lethal and agile fighter jet, the RX embodies a graceful curve that makes for a more elegant appearance. In addition to this, the combination of a long wheelbase and shorter front and rear suspension structures, makes lightning-fast acceleration easily achievable. The 20-inch sporty rims ensure lower wind resistance and also improve the handling and comfort for driving pleasure as well as seating comfort. A clear attempt at streamlining
the RX as much as possible can also be seen by the retractable handles that are embedded in the vehicle’s body and extend only during entry or exit from the vehicle. Overall the side of the RX is designed to look like a spectacular and mythical meteor shining in the night sky, perfectly balancing the element of lights and shadows.
The magical tail-end of the RX leaves one dazzled and encompasses a sense of futurism along with modernity and elegance. The sleek sequential tail lights along with the thoughtfully designed rear outline of the car shows off the combination of aesthetics as well as the superior technology that can be seen throughout the RX and makes for an undisputed road presence.
A powerful engine needs suitable exhausts, and the RX has just that with 4 exhaust pipes, which leaves no doubts about the car’s beastly power. The design for the RX is consistent with that of a fighter jet, and even the spoiler is inspired by a modern jets’ tail, enhancing not only the visual nature of the vehicle but also making the RX supremely stable and confidence-inspiring at higher speeds.
Thanks to its design language from the “Art of Luminism”, ultra-modern visuals, and highly scientific design, the EXEED RX showcases its commitment towards its consumer base. Moreover, with a vision of making the RX an extension of its consumer, EXEED has once again proven that it is fully dedicated to becoming the premium luxury vehicle brand that modern consumers yearn for.
A stamp of approval towards this vision and commitment is that the EXEED RX is is available selectively at one of Mohamed Youssef Naghi's companies, Sanabel Modern Motors, which is one of the most reliable distributors and also the exclusive distributor for both, Chery and EXEED, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.