SANABEL MODERN MOTORS, A Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Company, had concluded several partnerships with IIR (Identified Independent Retailer) workshops to expand Chery's service centers reach and availability throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to provide advanced and convenient services to their growing customer base.
EXEED is a new premium brand that combines the centuries-old traditions of European automotive culture with the latest intelligent manufacturing technologies that China is known for today.
Designers and engineers from BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and other European automobile concerns take part in the development of EXEED cars, and the production itself is carried out at the facilities of an enterprise created by a Chinese company together with Jaguar Land Rover.
With a wealth of experience and technical expertise, the European partner ensures identical manufacturing processes and the highest level of quality control across all of its manufacturing sites, including the EXEED vehicle plant in China.
EXEED also cooperates with world-famous automotive component suppliers in the field of component manufacturing, including Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Bosch, Magna, etc.
  • EXEED will create more value for users through trusted product quality and refined services, allowing users to enjoy a noble experience, and create a premium brand that belongs to users all over the world.