Winning the IDA Gold Award, RX's New Design Language Perfectly Reveals the Art of Light.


The new generation of the EXEED RX, designed by Steve Eum, got a big-time win, at the 2022 International Design Awards (IDA) held in Los Angeles, California, as it won the highest award possible, the Gold Award. Founded in 2007, the IDA recognizes visionaries in design and promotes them for their distinctive and conceptually innovative designs, based on meeting the class guidelines. This prestigious award is often referred to as the benchmark for the global design industry. By adopting a brand-new futuristic design language, RX has created a "modern premium" sense of styling, which makes it the first Chinese high-end automobile brand to win this award.

RX draws inspiration from EXEED's brand slogan, "Born for More" and embodies the brand spirit of exploration, while also introducing a new design language that is influenced from the art of luminism.
RX perfects the balance between light and shadow and has beautiful curves that help in forming its unique and tranquil silhouette. The front of the RX has a distinctive-looking, levitating front grille with sleek daytime running lights that run along the front of the car and accent the modernistic and rectangular LED headlights perfectly, giving the car a sharp and cutting-edge look. Both the DRL and the headlights combine to form the shape of the Greek letter "Σ", conforming to the futuristic sense of the front of the RX that carries with it the exemplary vision of EXEED and caters to the elite appetite of the global car-loving youth.

Looking nothing like a traditional SUV, the car’s side with its bubble-canopy inspired design makes it appear no lesser than a fighter jet’s cockpit, which, along with the streamlined and graceful rear spoiler of the RX combines to create a striking fighting personality and a youthful yet mature sporty SUV, which reflects EXEED's commitment towards the interest of its elite and youthful consumers, throughout the future.

When one’s eyes land on the magical tail-end of the car, it becomes apparent that the RX is equipped with a revolutionary light design system that connects both the tail-lights, which are provided with sequential turn signals, that highlights the incorporation of technology by EXEED. The elegant and dynamic rear silhouette compliments the rest of the RX’s profile, in essence, establishing the creation of a new class of ultra-modern, groundbreaking and pioneering class of automotive design.

The RX is not only a visually appealing product, it is also a highly intelligent car. Integrated with the latest technological advancements that EXEED boasts, it is also the first model produced in their Intelligent Mega Factory in Qingdao that is based on EXEED’s newest M3X Architecture 2.0, allowing EXEED to fulfill their mission and vision for their global high-end and modern consumers. It is only natural then that the RX, as the first 2.0 model of EXEED, stood out and won in the demanding competition of IDA, fully demonstrating and proving testament to EXEED's industry-leading design concept, world-class manufacturing processes, and resilient quality.

In the future, EXEED will strive to gradually achieve a sustainable future with its visionary vehicle design concept and artistic design, serving elite young consumers, catering to its consumers needs, and striving to become the premium luxury vehicle brand that the modern youth yearns for.

A testament to the quality and superiority of the EXEED RX is that it is available selectively at one of Mohamed Youssef Naghi's companies, Sanabel Modern Motors, which is one of the Kingdom’s most reliable distributor and also the exclusive distributor for both, Chery and EXEED, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.