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- The offer is valid until the 30th of April
- Service 3 years or 50,000 km (Which ever comes first)
- The announced installment price may vary according to the customer's credit record and is determined by the banks participating in the campaign.
- The company bear and cover the first five installments on behalf of the customer.
- (the sum of the five installments does not exceed the amounts attached below for each car as a maximum
TXL: 8850 riyals
VX: 10445 SR
The amount can be calculated as a deduction from the selling price of the vehicle.
- If purchase is made through financial installment, the customer will have 0% down payment and 0% administrative fees through the banks participating in the campaign.
(this may vary differentiation according to the financing request file on each customer)
- If the customer wishes to benefit from the offer, the amount of the first 5 installments will be transferred to the customer’s account. Provided that the responsibility for paying the installments to the financing agencies rests at the customer responsibility, without the slightest responsibility on Sanabel Modern Cars Company.